Aesthetics & Skin Care

Aesthetics & Skin Care

Flawless skin can be yours with our fabulous aesthetics services.

Fabulously Flawless’s aesthetics skin care services are the perfect complement to our permanent makeup and skin rejuvenation services. We offer customized facials and peels to help your skin look toned, bright, clearer, and just downright fabulous! We always require a consult so we can review the client’s lifestyle, medications, skin condition, diet, and other considerations before we begin treatment.  We will be looking for irregular spots, and if we see something that is out of the ordinary, we may refer you to a Dermatologist. Also, if there are abnormal growth patterns on your face or on your neck, that may be a sign that you have hormonal imbalances and often, that can be the cause of acne. We want our clients to get the greatest potential benefits from their treatments.  We check in with clients to monitor progress but clients must also put forth a continual effort to improve their skin as well. Our facial treatments are corrective in nature and customized according to the client’s current skin condition after we examine the skin. Because all facial services are customized, they do not include massage.  Our goal is to improve your skin and all facial appointments are geared toward improvement.  Once we have assessed your skin, products will be recommended and pricing will be discussed.  Services are 100% customized every time you come in so that you achieve the best results possible.  We will recommend home products and you will see significant improvement only if do your part in your routine at home.

Our Treatments


Dermaplaning uses a small sharp blade to exfoliate and remove vellus (fuzz) hair.  Benefits are immediate and your skin will feel baby smooth. Your skin will be more receptive to skincare treatments and you will love the healthy glow.  Makeup will glide on to the skin. Dermaplaning is great for clients a few weeks after receiving skin care treatments.


Dermaglow ESP3 Treatment

This includes Dermaplaning and the application of an exfoliating, moisturizing formula that not only moisturizes but contributes to further exfoliation.  Epidermal surface layers are reduced and the skin is able to absorb ingredients and respond to other treatments.  Skin looks brighter and there will not be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation regardless of the depth of skin tone.


Rejuvapen Microneedling with Growth Factors (Face Only)

First microneedling session cost covers required take-home aftercare.  Second and third microneedling treatments within two months have a reduced price of $165 since the patient already has the aftercare product. For more information about Rejuvapen and detailed pricing click here.

$230 (first session)
$165 (2nd and 3rd sessions within 2 months of 1st treatment)


Thermoclear utilizes both low radio frequency and high frequency and treats skin imperfections such as skin tags, Cherry Angiomas, cholesterol deposits, milia, broken capillaries, Seborrheic Keratosis, flat hyperpigmentation spots including age spots and sun spots and more. For more information about Thermonuclear and detailed pricing click here.


Corrective Skin Treatments

Our corrective skin treatments address specific patient skin concerns.  Adult acne, rosacea, aging, damaged skin, hyperpigmentation, melasma, dehydration, and teenage acne are some of the skin issues we address.  The consult (which can be performed before treatment) can assess your skin needs.  It’s recommended clients do a series of 6-8 treatments.  Treatments can be as close as 10-14 days apart.  To refresh and stimulate skin the series is recommended to be completed once per year, preferably 3 to 4 every other month.

Price Varies

Jet Clear Microdermabrasion

Our Jet Clear Microdermabrasion treatment uses a high-velocity jet spray to push sterile saline into the skin. This process cleans the pores but also improves skin circulation which aids collagen promotion.  Skin looks healthy, clean and fresh after a Jet Clear service.  Amazing for acne but benefits all skin types.  Can be added to any other service and is automatically included in acne facial services.

Price Varies


First microneedling session cost covers requires take-home aftercare products.  Second microneedling treatment within one month has a reduced price of $325 since the client already has an aftercare product.


Intimate Bleaching Service

Our intimate bleaching service provides more dramatic results in less time.  This system removes layers of skin to promote cell turnover, lighten pigmentation, and an evener skin tone.  This process can be used in intimate areas, under arms, on inner thighs, on knees, and on elbows. It is safe for all skin colors and ages when properly conditioned.

Price Varies
(Free Consult Recommended)

Recovery Treatments

During some home protocols and after in-office treatments, some patients may experience some excessive flaking or other concerns.  There are in-office recommendations of products and/or treatments that can alleviate these problems.

Price Varies

Consult for Home Care

Your home care is important to your overall skin health.  If you went to the dentist twice a year for cleanings but never brushed your teeth at home, the professional cleanings would not be very effective.  This is the same with professional skin treatments. Getting started on home care is incredibly important and our corrective skin care can transform your skin.

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