Is Your Permanent Cosmetics Provider is Licensed?

Is Your Permanent Cosmetics Provider Licensed?

Your face and health are at risk for infections and transmission of blood borne pathogens when undergoing any Permanent Cosmetics or Paramedical procedure. That’s why Permanent Cosmetic Professionals must follow the most stringent health and safety regulations and be licensed as with the County Health Department to perform tattooing. Make sure your Permanent Cosmetic Professional holds their licensure and have met all required for health and safety standards before you get any procedure.

Want to know if your Permanent Cosmetics Provider is Licensed to perform procedures? Want to know if they have any health violations? Click the search icon to the right to use WRAL’s handy North Carolina Public Health Inspections tool to check each county in the state for Licensed Tattoo Establishments and for Health Violations. Here’s how to search.

Search Instructions

  1. Click here to access the WRAL list (yes, the page says “Restaurant Ratings” but it will allow you to search other types of Licensed Health Department Businesses)
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select your county from the list
  3. Under “Establishment Type” choose “Tattoo” (All Licensed providers will appear on the results pages)
  4. Click the yellow “Inspections” button next to the establishment
  5. If the establishment has received any violations a yellow button will show up under “Inspection.” Click on the “Violations” button to view.
  6. To check another county return to the WRAL list and select the next county to review
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