Permanent Makeup Correction

Permanent Makeup Correction

If you have received Permanent Makeup or Microblading from another provider and you are unhappy with the results we may be able to correct their mistakes. We are skilled in the art of Permanent Makeup Correction. From botched brows to lopsided lips we’ve seen it all and corrected them. There are occasions where corrections cannot be made or tattoo removal is necessary. When you set up a consultation with one of our Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professionals we will assess your needs and determine the best course of action to fix these beauty blunders. Corrections to Permanent Makeup can always be avoided by going to a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional who has a proven track record for success and has great artistic capabilities. Contact us to set up your consultation now.

Is Your Permanent Cosmetics Provider Licensed?

Want to know if your Permanent Cosmetics Provider is Licensed to perform procedures? Want to know if they have any health violations? Click the search icon below to check.



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